David & Yvette Cooke

Syndi is an amazing person… from the time that I found her to this day… she was very easy to work with. Kept me updated on dogs. She sent pictures, her and I text almost daily if not weekly. And I say this because I was waiting for about a year after contacting her for an opening to be put on the list for her dog. Which was definitely not a problem for me… I have waited now 4 years after my furbaby LEX had passed in 2017 to bring a new furbaby into my life…and to tell you the truth, it was worth the wait…Momma dog took her time coming into heat this go around “no problem.” Syndi felt bad but you can’t rush a good thing.. Finally got the news momma was ready.. and again Syndi was keeping all potential new families informed that babies were coming… never missed a beat with me.. got pictures of momma during her pregnancy, and pictures of those babies the morning after they were born.  Now keep in mind your on a picking or list. I was pick #2.. but to tell you the truth the minute I saw that baby “Hondo.” I knew that he was the one.. I just now had to wait to see which one #1 picked… now I won’t lie 3 to 4 weeks seems like forever and I counted the days… Finally the day came and pick #1 picked their beautiful baby, and fortunately for me it was Hondo’s beautiful brother. So of course I was able to get my beautiful boy..He is definitely the spunk, the attitude, and talker that I wanted, and needed.. he definitely is the definition of Corgi!!! I couldn’t be more happy.
Syndi has a great place for her dogs. A very loving and welcoming home.. all of her babies and that does include adult dogs are super friendly and all very loving dogs… puppies and adults are well socialized, love people and not timid. I can’t say enough about this beautiful soul Syndi. So if your looking for a wonderful rounded, loving baby in your life.
Please contact Syndi, you won’t regret the information provided, the up to date pictures and texts. I now have new friends out of all of this… Hondo will be able to go and visit his family when we go to visit ours… this will be a lifetime friendship for us all.
Thank you.

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