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Cordova’s Paradise Acres originated in 2014 and is located in the beautiful 4-corner region of Bloomfield NM. Our furry family is provided with every accommodation by their individual kennel, exercise area and expansions to come. We have Red-Head Tri and Black-Head Tri puppies throughout the year and adding color with our future Red Sable and Red/White females. We genetically test ensuring our puppies are unaffected by DM and vWD. We invite you to take a further look at our Corgi family.

We focus on the health, confirmation, temperament and disposition in all of our Corgis. We believe that pedigree and genetics are the most important attributes in producing healthy, happy puppies.  Puppies are introduced to potty training, receive 1st vaccination booster and kept on a grooming routine. Our confident, socialized puppies are raised with hours of hands on care and are eager to enter their new world and proven to go in any direction.

Cordova’s Paradise Acres has spent years developing our true, proud and proven Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s for the most loyal and calm disposition, confirmation and markings, genetically clear family companion. We do not offer full registration {full breeding rights) at this time. Cordova’s Paradise Acres reserve the right for first pick of every litter and target prospective puppy owners that understand adopting the puppy of their dream, lies in the trust of the breeder that is responsible for the care, time and love to produce a healthy and confident puppy.

We are centrally located in the  Four Corner Region making it possible to transport puppies to Holbrook AZ for our Utah and Arizona puppy owners and in driving distance for our Colorado and New Mexico neighbors. This has proven to be our choice for puppy hand off, making shipping our last option.



Syndi was very professional and informative.  I’ve never dealt with a breeder so friendly before.

Brandy M.

You can tell that Syndi and Stoney love what they do and care for these animals like they are members of the family.  I only wish I knew about them earlier in my life.  Syndi is so attentive and caring and gave me updates throughout the process as we were waiting for Luna to be born.  I could not have asked for a nicer couple to work with.  I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a corgi to reach out to them.  They know their dogs and breed the sweetest temperaments.  Getting to know Syndi through communication, it is apparent how much she loves these little babies and that this is her life.  Words cannot express how thankful we are that we found such loving and responsible breeders.  I will always remember this experience as a happy one and am so thankful that I met Syndi and Stoney.

Alexis DeSoto

Syndi is an amazing person… from the time that I found her to this day… she was very easy to work with. Kept me updated on dogs. She sent pictures, her and I text almost daily if not weekly. And I say this because I was waiting for about a year after contacting her for an opening to be put on the list for her dog. Which was definitely not a problem for me… I have waited now 4 years after my furbaby LEX had passed in 2017 to bring a new furbaby into my life…and to tell you the truth, it was worth the wait…Momma dog took her time coming into heat this go around “no problem.” Syndi felt bad but you can’t rush a good thing.. Finally got the news momma was ready.. and again Syndi was keeping all potential new families informed that babies were coming… never missed a beat with me.. got pictures of momma during her pregnancy, and pictures of those babies the morning after they were born.  Now keep in mind your on a picking or list. I was pick #2.. but to tell you the truth the minute I saw that baby “Hondo.” I knew that he was the one.. I just now had to wait to see which one #1 picked… now I won’t lie 3 to 4 weeks seems like forever and I counted the days… Finally the day came and pick #1 picked their beautiful baby, and fortunately for me it was Hondo’s beautiful brother. So of course I was able to get my beautiful boy..He is definitely the spunk, the attitude, and talker that I wanted, and needed.. he definitely is the definition of Corgi!!! I couldn’t be more happy.
Syndi has a great place for her dogs. A very loving and welcoming home.. all of her babies and that does include adult dogs are super friendly and all very loving dogs… puppies and adults are well socialized, love people and not timid. I can’t say enough about this beautiful soul Syndi. So if your looking for a wonderful rounded, loving baby in your life.
Please contact Syndi, you won’t regret the information provided, the up to date pictures and texts. I now have new friends out of all of this… Hondo will be able to go and visit his family when we go to visit ours… this will be a lifetime friendship for us all.
Thank you.

David & Yvette Cooke

Morty loves his fur-ever home.  You guys are the best for corgis and we couldn’t be happier with our pick.  Thanks for all the puppy pictures and the time you put into all this!

Heather Gardner

Sydni and Stoney are wonderful to work with!  We have had our little bundle of joy (River and Brody’s pink princess) for three weeks, and we are just so in love with her!  She is beautiful, intelligent, spirited, and so much fun!  We will always recommend Cordova’s to our friends who want to adopt a Corgi puppy!

Dana Clark

Syndi and Stoney are really great people who clearly love their animals and care about all of their litters.  They were very open and communicative throughout the process and having a healthy, well socialized puppy was well worth the cost!  Still love my stubby little girl a year and a half later.

Sam Rankin

Their Corgis are all “family” to them.  Each adult and each puppy is cared for on an individual basis.  All the puppies are healthy and ready to go their “forever homes”.

Peggy Gattis

You can tell that they truly care for and love all of their animals.  We purchased an adorable black headed tri from Paradise Acres 2 years ago and he has been the spunkiest addition to our family!  He still even have his toy that we brought him home with.

Stephanie Starr

Syndi and Stoney’s corgis are gorgeous and produce some awesome little furbabies.  They are awesome breeders and love all their animal family.  Their pricing is very competitive and they really worked with us to get the deposit done.  I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for an amazing little addition to the family.

Lynne Brady

I got my Corgi from Syndi and Stony in September of 2019.  They are knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional.  I received regular communication about my puppy from the day they confirmed the pregnancy.  My beautiful girl came to me happy, healthy and with a wonderful temperament. 

Cindy Stewart Binkley

We selected our Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Stony and Syndi Cordova & couldn’t be happier.  If you are looking for a Corgi, look no further!

Wil Schuiteman

Syndi & Stony are the nicest people.  They nurture the finest Corgis.  I was lucky to have found them and my sweet little Corgi pup in Oct 2018.


Satisfied Owner

Couldn’t ask for more caring breeders than the Cordovas.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for Pembroke Corgis.

Maryanne Wall Winters

Satisfied Owner


& Family

In the year 1107, Henry I of Britain invited a community of master craftsman to live and work.  The craftsman brought everything needing to work including dogs bred to herd cattle and sheep.  These herders are what we know now as the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

The royal household of England starts the Welsh Corgi Club and the Pembroke Corgi takes over his rival in popularity the Cardigan Corgi.

Today, people have come to love the Welsh Corgi and its capabilities as both a herder and a companion.  Their intelligent, strong, compassionate and athletic behavior makes them one of the most sought out breeds in the world.

Adopting a Corgi Puppy?

We try our best to take the stress out of adopting a puppy by being approachable and open to address any questions or concerns. Puppy owners are routinely updated with their puppy’s progress and milestones up to the Grand day of puppy hand off.

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