In the year 1107, Henry I of Britain invited a community of master craftsman to live and work.  The craftsman brought everything needing to work including dogs bred to herd cattle and sheep.  These herders are what we know now as the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

The royal household of England starts the Welsh Corgi Club and the Pembroke Corgi takes over his rival in popularity the Cardigan Corgi.

Today, people have come to love the Welsh Corgi and its capabilities as both a herder and a companion.  Their intelligent, strong, compassionate and athletic behavior makes them one of the most sought out breeds in the world.

A Few Facts

About Corgi

  • Pembroke Corgis are a very vocal breed, great for alerting its owner.
  • The Pembroke breed is considered very intelligent, with the right training and a little patience it can reach its full potential.
  • They are a hungry breed, make sure to pay special attention to feeding to prevent them from being overweight.
  • Extremely energetic, they love to play!
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